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A&W Cream Soda - 12fl.oz (355ml)

A&W Cream Soda - 12fl.oz (355ml)

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A&W Cream Soda - 12fl.oz (355ml)

A&W Cream Soda is an iconic beverage that harks back to simpler times, brimming with memories of soda fountains and summer days. Its signature clear amber hue gives way to a smooth, velvety texture that glides over the palate with each sip. The flavour profile is a delightful combination of rich vanilla and a hint of butter, resulting in a sweet, creamy taste that's both indulgent and refreshing.

Over the years, this cream soda has garnered a devoted following, with many associating it with moments of joy, shared laughter, and relaxation. Its effervescence dances lightly on the tongue, making it a favoured choice for those seeking a nostalgic treat or simply a change from the usual cola. A&W, with its longstanding tradition in crafting beloved beverages, ensures that every can or bottle of their Cream Soda is a trip down memory lane, wrapped in a bubbly embrace.

Imported from the USA.

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