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Airheads Cherry - 15.6g [Canadian]

Airheads Cherry - 15.6g [Canadian]

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Airheads Cherry - 15.6g [Canadian]

Airheads Cherry is a flavourful candy characterized by its chewy texture and the robust and sweet taste of cherries. This vibrant candy offers a pleasing blend of sweetness and tartness, creating a balanced and delicious flavour profile that appeals to cherry lovers.

Wrapped in a bright red packaging, it is instantly recognizable and is a popular choice among the various Airheads flavours available. Airheads Cherry provides a playful eating experience due to its stretchable and pliable texture, making it not just a flavourful treat but also a fun one. Whether you are a fan of cherries or simply love fruity, chewy candies, Airheads Cherry is a delightful option that caters to those with a sweet tooth, appealing to people of all ages.

Imported from Canada

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