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Airheads White Mystery - 15.6g [Canadian]

Airheads White Mystery - 15.6g [Canadian]

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Airheads White Mystery - 15.6g [Canadian]

Airheads White Mystery is a distinctive and fascinating flavour within the Airheads candy line. Wrapped in a sleek white packaging, this candy has gained popularity for its enigmatic and elusive flavour. Unlike the other specific fruity flavours in the Airheads assortment, White Mystery offers a unique experience as it combines a mix of flavours, leaving the consumers to guess the components of its flavour profile.

The chewy and tangy nature of the candy remains consistent, delivering the same enjoyable texture and mouthfeel as the other Airheads variants. The playful ambiguity of White Mystery’s flavour invites a sense of adventure and excitement, making each bite a flavourful journey into the unknown and allowing candy enthusiasts to explore and speculate about the true nature of this mysterious and delightful confection.

Imported from Canada

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