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Chex Mix

Chex Mix Remix Zesty Taco - 4.25oz (120g)

Chex Mix Remix Zesty Taco - 4.25oz (120g)

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Chex Mix Remix Zesty Taco - 4.25oz (120g)

Discover a burst of fiesta flavours with the Chex Mix Remix Zesty Taco. Packed into a convenient 4.25oz/120g bag, this snack takes your taste buds on a zesty journey reminiscent of a lively taco party.

As you open the bag, the aroma of spices tantalizes your senses, setting the stage for the flavours within. Each piece boasts a robust seasoning that brings out the best of the taco essence. Crunchy Chex pieces mix with bold spices, ensuring that every bite delivers a balanced punch of flavour.

Imported from the USA.

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