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eFrutti Gummi Lunch Bag - 2.7oz (77g)

eFrutti Gummi Lunch Bag - 2.7oz (77g)

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eFrutti Gummi Lunch Bag - 2.7oz (77g)

The eFrutti Lunch Bag is a creative and fun candy assortment that replicates a variety of classic fast-food items in gummy form. This delightful pack brings together a playful mix of candy treats shaped like popular food items, designed to look and taste like the real thing. Included in this assortment are gummi pizzas, mini burgers, gummi fries, cola bottles, and hot dogs.

Each piece in the eFrutti Lunch Bag offers a unique taste experience: the gummi pizzas feature a fruity flavour in a pizza slice shape, the mini burgers combine layers of gummy to resemble a tiny hamburger, the gummi fries mimic the shape of French fries with a sweet twist, the cola bottles have the distinct taste of cola in a chewy form, and the hot dogs are designed to look like a classic hot dog in a bun. This assortment is perfect for candy lovers who enjoy novelty treats, making it a great option for parties, as a fun snack, or even as a creative gift. The packaging is usually bright and attractive, adding to the playful and whimsical nature of these candy treats. The eFrutti Lunch Bag provides a delightful and amusing snacking experience, combining familiar shapes with delicious gummy flavours.

Imported from the USA

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