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Cry Baby Sour Mini Drinks - 2.79oz (79g) - 8 pack

Cry Baby Sour Mini Drinks - 2.79oz (79g) - 8 pack

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Cry Baby Sour Mini Drinks - 2.79oz (79g) - 8 pack

Inside each Cry Baby Sour Mini Drink bottle is a tart mouthful of sour that will wake you right up, with fun, fruity flavors: Lectric Lime, Overload Orange, Lightning Lemon, Chargin' Cherry, and Blastin' Blue Raspberry. Bite the top off, slurp down the sour liquid, and when there's only a wee bit left, chew up the wax (it's food grade and safe) to enjoy that last bit of sour sweetness.

Pack contains 8 assorted flavor bottles. Flavor assortment may vary.

Imported from the USA.

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