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Fanta Berry - 12fl.oz (355ml)

Fanta Berry - 12fl.oz (355ml)

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Fanta Berry - 12fl.oz (355ml)

Dive into a world of fruity refreshment with Fanta Berry. This fizzy beverage captures the essence of ripe, juicy berries, delivering a portable package that's perfect for on-the-go enjoyment.

Each sip of Fanta Berry is like a journey through a berry orchard, where the sweet and tangy flavours of various berries come together in harmony. With its vibrant purple hue and bold berry taste, this soda offers a refreshing escape from the ordinary. Whether you're sipping it at a picnic, chilling with friends, or simply in need of a berry-licious pick-me-up, Fanta Berry promises a delightful flavour adventure that's as bubbly as it is berry-packed. So, take a sip, and let the Fanta Berry fizz transport you to a world of berry bliss with each sparkling gulp!

Imported from the USA.

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