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Fanta Tropical - 500ml (EU)

Fanta Tropical - 500ml (EU)

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Fanta Tropical - 500ml (EU)

This Fanta Tropical is a rare import from Bulgaria! Described on Coca-Cola's Bulgarian website as a "new carbonated drink with an impressive citrus taste and rich aroma of ripe oranges", Fanta Tropical is sparkling, daring and even more delicious! The new Fanta Tropical is here for the most refreshing experience of the year. And, yes - it's green! Very green!

Because in every bottle of Fanta Tropical there is a particle of the exotic tropical paradise - fragrant, fresh and delicious. Bright green as a tropical garden, with an even more impressive citrus flavour and rich aroma of ripe oranges, the new Fanta comes to celebrate together the good weather and the freedom to have fun here and now. Open your senses for the summer with Fanta Tropical!

Product of the EU.

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