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Jarritos Guava Soda - 12.5fl.oz (370ml)

Jarritos Guava Soda - 12.5fl.oz (370ml)

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Jarritos Guava Soda - 12.5fl.oz (370ml)

The year was 1950. While America was eating mayonnaise on white bread,  in Mexico they thirsted for colorful colors and flavorful flavors. So they introduced Jarritos as Mexico’s first national soft drink. Made with 100% natural sugar, many of the 11 delicious fruit flavors are sourced from actual fruit trees available in Mexico’s fruitiest regions. You can find Jarritos in their distinctive... and powerful glass bottles in quite a few grocery stores, restaurantes, taquerias, food trucks, convenience stores, and if you’re lucky, at your Mama’s house!

Using natural flavours and sugars from regions across the country, this distinctive glass bottle and minimal labelling draws the eye to the vibrant colours of the drink inside.

Imported from Mexico

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