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Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly American Classics Jelly Beans - 70g

Jelly Belly American Classics Jelly Beans - 70g

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Jelly Belly American Classics Jelly Beans - 70g

Jelly Belly, a brand synonymous with intricate flavours and an astonishingly accurate portrayal of real-life tastes in their beans, has outdone itself with the American Classics Jelly Beans collection. This collection is a flavourful salute to the traditional American tastes that have been cherished through generations.

Each bean encapsulates a taste so authentic; it's like a nostalgic journey across the vast landscapes of America. Within the collection, you'll find flavours that remind you of picnics in the park, state fairs, and classic American diners. Imagine biting into a jelly bean and getting a burst of classic apple pie with its hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and tart apple, or perhaps the buttery taste of popcorn during a baseball game. From the rich and creamy essence of root beer floats to the tangy zest of Florida Key lime pie, every bean is a tiny trip down memory lane. The packaging, adorned with stars and stripes, reiterates the theme, making it a great gift for patriots, veterans, or anyone with a love for classic American flavours. With Jelly Belly's American Classics, you don't just get a mouthful of sugary delight; you get a taste of history, tradition, and the American spirit.

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