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kool Aid

Kool-Aid Candy Canes - 5.3oz (150g) ** BBD 15/06/25 **

Kool-Aid Candy Canes - 5.3oz (150g) ** BBD 15/06/25 **

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Kool-Aid Candy Canes - 5.3oz (150g)

Kool-Aid Candy Canes bring a unique and fruity twist to the traditional holiday treat. These candy canes infuse the nostalgic and vibrant flavours of Kool-Aid into a festive form, featuring tropical punch, cherry, and grape varieties. Each flavour boasts the bold and tangy taste characteristic of Kool-Aid, offering a delightful departure from the usual peppermint candy canes.

These colourful candy canes are perfect for adding a splash of fun to holiday decorations or as a sweet addition to Christmas stockings. The tropical punch, cherry, and grape flavours provide a refreshing variety, catering to different taste preferences and adding an unexpected twist to holiday treats. Kool-Aid Candy Canes are not only enjoyable to eat but also bring a playful and festive element to the holiday season, making them a hit among both kids and adults who love the classic drink flavours in a new, exciting format.

Imported from the USA.
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