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lucky charms

Lucky Charms Marshmallows 198g

Lucky Charms Marshmallows 198g

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Lucky Charms Marshmallows 198g

Brightly coloured and fun shaped like the cereal marshmallows but these guys are deliciously soft and jet puffed for those who enjoy that lovely squidge you get when you pop one in your mouth!

  • One 7 oz. bag of Jet-Puffed Lucky Charms Magically Delicious Marshmallows

  • Jet-Puffed Lucky Charms Magically Delicious Marshmallows are a delicious snack 

  • Lucky Charms marshmallows deliver the sweet vanilla taste and fluffy texture you know 

  • Fat free marshmallows contain 0 g. of saturated fat and 0 g. of total fat per serving

  • Toasted marshmallows are perfect for a twist on s'mores, or try adding them to hot cocoa

    Imported from the USA.

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