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Mentos Roll Spice iT UP - 29.7g

Mentos Roll Spice iT UP - 29.7g

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Mentos Roll Spice iT UP - 29.7g

Mentos Chewy Spice It Up introduces an adventurous twist to the classic chewy candy, blending traditional fruit flavours with an exciting spicy element. This range features three distinct flavours: Apple & Cinnamon, Mango & Chilli, and Orange & Ginger, each offering a unique combination of sweetness and spice.

The Apple & Cinnamon flavour pairs the crisp, sweet taste of apple with the warm, aromatic notes of cinnamon, creating a comforting and familiar yet invigorating taste experience. The Mango & Chilli variety brings together the tropical sweetness of mango with a bold chilli kick, offering a tantalising contrast that is both exotic and daring. Lastly, the Orange & Ginger flavour combines the zesty, citrusy burst of orange with the spicy, slightly piquant taste of ginger, resulting in a refreshing and energizing blend.

These Mentos Chewy Spice It Up candies are perfect for those looking to explore new flavour horizons beyond the conventional candy choices. They provide an enjoyable snack for adventurous palates and are great for sharing with friends and family who appreciate a twist on the ordinary. The packaging of these candies is vibrant and eye-catching, highlighting the unique and playful nature of the flavours within. Whether enjoyed as a mid-day treat, a fun addition to a gathering, or as a way to spice up one's candy routine, Mentos Chewy Spice It Up offers a delightful and exciting culinary journey.

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