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Monster Rehab Watermelon - 15.5fl.oz (458ml)

Monster Rehab Watermelon - 15.5fl.oz (458ml)

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Monster Rehab Watermelon - 15.5fl.oz (458ml)

Taste the newest Monster Rehab flavour to hit the shelves in the States; Watermelon! Enjoy one of the most juicy and refreshing fruit flavours in this new Monster Rehab! Crack open a Rehab Monster Watermelon and let the watermelon-infused electrolytes, vitamins, and botanicals work their life-giving hydration magic.

Electrolytes Na+K+Ca+Mg // Vitamins B3+B5+B6+B12 // Botanicals (Milk Thistle, Quercetin) // Non-Carbonated // Caffeine 150mg

Flavour Profile: Juicy Watermelon


Allergy Advice: Contains Coconut.

Imported from the USA.

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