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Moon Pie Banana Double Decker - 2.75oz (78g)

Moon Pie Banana Double Decker - 2.75oz (78g)

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Moon Pie Banana Double Decker - 2.75oz (78g)

Journey back in time and into the cosmos with the iconic Moon Pie Banana! This nostalgic treat has captured the hearts of many, and for a good reason. Its layers of soft graham crackers sandwiching a sweet banana-flavoured marshmallow filling, all drenched in a delightful banana chocolate coating, provide a taste experience that's truly out of this world.

Upon the first bite, the harmonious blend of flavours transports you straight to memories of simpler times — perhaps watching a late-night show on a vintage TV or enjoying a snack break after a playful day outdoors. The Moon Pie Banana has been a staple in snack pantries across generations, and its whimsical combination of texture and taste makes it a perennial favourite.

Whether you're reliving childhood memories, sharing stories with new friends, or introducing a younger generation to this classic, the Moon Pie Banana is a delightful snack that stands the test of time. So, grab one, sit back, and let the flavours take you on a lunar expedition!

Imported from the USA.

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