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Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew Blue Shock - 400ml

Mountain Dew Blue Shock - 400ml

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Mountain Dew Blue Shock - 400ml

Mountain Dew Blue Shock is a variant of the popular Mountain Dew brand, known for its unique and bold flavours. Blue Shock is characterized by its vibrant blue colour and is described as having a smooth and dewy raspberry citrus flavour. Initially, this variant was developed for the "DEWmocracy" promotions, wherein consumers were allowed to decide on new flavours to be added to the Mountain Dew line-up.

Over the years, it has made appearances in various forms and locations, occasionally being offered as a limited-time product in certain markets or exclusive venues, like being a fountain drink at particular convenience stores or fast-food restaurants. The striking blue colour and the intriguing flavour blend of Blue Shock provide a different experience for Mountain Dew enthusiasts, tapping into the brand's adventurous and experimental spirit in providing exciting and unexpected new flavours.


Imported from Malaysia 

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