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Oh Henry!

Oh Henry! Bar - 58g [Canadian]

Oh Henry! Bar - 58g [Canadian]

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Oh Henry! Bar - 58g [Canadian]

Oh Henry! is a popular chocolate bar known for its rich blend of ingredients and satisfying texture. This candy bar features a hearty combination of peanuts, caramel, and fudge, all coated in a layer of smooth milk chocolate. The result is a mix of crunchy, chewy, and creamy textures, making each bite both varied and enjoyable.

The key appeal of the Oh Henry! bar lies in its balance of flavours. The savoury crunch of the peanuts contrasts with the sweet, chewy caramel and the smooth, rich fudge. This combination, along with the milk chocolate coating, creates a satisfying and indulgent snacking experience. Oh Henry! is popular among those who enjoy a substantial chocolate bar with a mix of textures and flavours. It's often sought after as a filling snack, a treat to satisfy a sweet tooth, or as a quick energy boost, thanks to the protein-rich peanuts and the sweet combination of caramel and fudge. The bar's delicious blend of ingredients has made it a beloved choice for candy lovers seeking a classic and satisfying treat.

Imported from Canada.

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