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Oh Henry!

Oh Henry! Level Up - 42g [Canadian]

Oh Henry! Level Up - 42g [Canadian]

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Oh Henry! Level Up - 42g [Canadian]

Oh Henry! Level Up is a special edition of the classic Oh Henry! candy bar, designed to cater to the tastes of gaming enthusiasts and those looking for an extra energy boost. This variant maintains the core elements of the traditional Oh Henry! bar, which typically includes peanuts, caramel, and fudge coated in milk chocolate. However, the Level Up version is likely to have an added component or a unique twist in the recipe, possibly incorporating ingredients like more protein, caffeine, or a different type of nut or chocolate blend, to provide an extra burst of energy and flavour.

The packaging of the Oh Henry! Level Up bar is vibrant and eye-catching, featuring gaming-themed graphics. This special edition is perfect for consumers looking for a satisfying snack during gaming sessions or as a quick energy source during busy days. It's also a great treat for fans of the original Oh Henry! candy bar who are interested in trying a new and exciting variation of their favourite chocolate treat. Whether enjoyed as a snack while gaming, as a part of a quick on-the-go meal, or simply as a delightful treat, Oh Henry! Level Up offers a unique and tasty experience that goes beyond the ordinary candy bar.

Imported from Canada.

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