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Oreo Double Crunchy Wafer Strawberry - 72g - (China)

Oreo Double Crunchy Wafer Strawberry - 72g - (China)

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Oreo Double Crunchy Wafer Strawberry - 72g - (China) 

Oreo Strawberry Wafers (72g) from China offer a delightful twist on the classic Oreo cookie with a burst of sweet strawberry flavor. Each wafer features a crispy and light texture that sandwiches a luscious strawberry cream filling.

The combination of the buttery wafer and the creamy strawberry filling creates a harmonious balance of textures and flavors. The fruity aroma of strawberries wafts from the package, enticing your senses. Whether enjoyed as a standalone treat or paired with a cup of tea or coffee, Oreo Strawberry Wafers bring a delightful and refreshing twist to the iconic Oreo experience. With their vibrant pink color and irresistible taste, these wafers are a perfect choice for those who crave a fruity and indulgent snack.

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