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Pringles Adobadas - 124g

Pringles Adobadas - 124g

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Pringles Adobadas - 124g

These super rare Pringles from Mexico have a great Adobada flavor! Adobada means “marinated” in Spanish and is a dish that originated in Mexico and is a combination of dried red chilies and spices!

Please Note: Although we do our utmost to package our Pringles/Stax in the best way possible to avoid any damage to the tube, we cannot ensure that the actual Pringle/Sax crisps inside will arrive completely unbroken. If you require completely unbroken Pringles/Stax for gift purposes, we recommend that you do not purchase this product. We will not refund or replace any Pringles/Stax that are in the condition described above

Imported from Mexico

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