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Slush Puppie

Slush Puppie Candy Canes 10pk - 100g

Slush Puppie Candy Canes 10pk - 100g

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Slush Puppie Candy Canes 10pk - 100g

Get ready to relive the nostalgia of your favorite icy treats with Slush Puppie Candy Canes. This 10-pack of candy canes brings the beloved flavors of Slush Puppie slushies to life, making it a sweet and refreshing holiday treat that's perfect for candy cane enthusiasts of all ages.

Each candy cane in the Slush Puppie 10-Pack boasts the iconic flavours of the Slush Puppie brand. From the classic Cherry to the vibrant Blue Raspberry and other beloved flavours, every cane captures the essence of these frosty beverages in candy form. It's a delightful twist on the traditional candy cane that adds a burst of fruity and cooling goodness to your holiday celebrations. Whether you're hanging them on the tree, using them as sweet stocking stuffers, or simply enjoying them as a tasty treat, Slush Puppie Candy Canes promise a frosty and flavourful holiday experience that's as delightful as sipping on your favourite slushie. So, unwrap a cane, take a bite, and let the icy flavours of Slush Puppie Candy Canes transport you to a winter wonderland of sweetness with every frosty nibble!

Perfect for handing out at Christmas parties or hanging on your Christmas tree.

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