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Sunkist Cherry Limeade - 12oz (355ml)

Sunkist Cherry Limeade - 12oz (355ml)

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Sunkist Cherry Limeade - 12oz (355ml)

Introducing the effervescent delight of Sunkist Cherry Limeade Soda, a tantalizing blend that captures the very essence of sunny afternoons and carefree moments. With its vibrant hues and bubbling zest, this drink embodies a perfect medley of sweet cherries and zesty lime, evoking memories of orchard picnics and laughter-filled gatherings.

Each sip unravels a layered taste experience, starting with the luscious sweetness of ripe cherries, followed swiftly by a tangy lime punch. This intricate dance of flavours ensures a dynamic palate journey – where the soft sweetness of cherries beautifully complements the citrusy zing of lime. All of this is further amplified by the soda's sparkling effervescence, making every gulp a fizzy, flavourful celebration.

Sunkist Cherry Limeade Soda isn't just another beverage; it's a testament to the joys of simple, timeless flavours. Whether you're basking under the sun, sharing a toast with friends, or simply taking a moment for yourself, let this soda be your refreshing companion, promising joy in every bubbly burst.

Imported from the USA.

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