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Super Mario Bros Twist Pop - 15g

Super Mario Bros Twist Pop - 15g

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Super Mario Bros Twist Pop - 15g

Embark on a nostalgic adventure with the Super Mario Bros Movie twist pops. In a tribute to the beloved gaming franchise and its cinematic rendition, these pops bring together the best of both worlds: tantalizing taste and iconic visuals. Shaped in a twisty design, they showcase vibrant hues of strawberry red and zesty orange, reminiscent of Mario and Luigi's iconic outfits.

Beyond their captivating appearance, the twist pops promise an unparalleled flavour experience. The strawberry bursts forth with the sweetness of sun-kissed berries, while the orange offers a tangy counter, creating a harmonious blend that dances on the palate. Every lick and bite feels like progressing through a delightful level in the Super Mario world, with taste sensations that evolve and surprise.

But the adventure doesn't end with taste alone. Each twist pop package comes with exclusive stickers, allowing fans to collect, trade, and decorate with scenes and characters from the film. Whether it's displaying Mario's heroic stance, Luigi's jovial jumps, or iconic elements like stars and mushrooms, these stickers enhance the overall experience. Perfect for parties, movie nights, or as a special treat, these twist pops offer a delightful journey through the Mushroom Kingdom, both in flavour and fandom.

*A design will be chosen at random unless requested.

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