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That's Sweet!

That's Sweet! Sweet Shot Watermelon - 0.70oz (20g)

That's Sweet! Sweet Shot Watermelon - 0.70oz (20g)

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That's Sweet! Sweet Shot Watermelon - 0.70oz (20g)

Introducing "That's Sweet! Sweet Shot Watermelon," a delightful departure from traditional candies, offering a unique combination of watermelon-flavored sour liquid housed within a novelty syringe-shaped dispenser. With each shot, indulge in the juicy essence of watermelon fused with a tangy sour twist, creating a sensational taste experience that's both refreshing and exhilarating. The syringe design adds a playful touch to the candy-consuming ritual, allowing for precise control over the flow of the sour liquid for maximum enjoyment.

Tailored for aficionados of sweet and tangy delights, "That's Sweet! Sweet Shot Watermelon" provides a portable and convenient way to relish the mouth-watering flavour of watermelon with an unexpected sour kick. Whether savoured solo as a quick indulgence or used to elevate the taste of desserts and snacks, this watermelon-flavoured sour liquid candy guarantees an invigorating and satisfying treat with each shot. Whether at social gatherings, parties, or simply as a fun diversion, "That's Sweet! Sweet Shot Watermelon" promises to inject a burst of excitement into every candy lover's day.

Imported from the USA.

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